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in partnership with University College Cork

Young hearts running free and old flames burn on, we wanted to hear about the beautiful connections made at University College Cork. 

In partnership with The Slow Camera Exchange, Ireland’s first analogue camera library, are delighted to partner with University College Cork in a search for love stories from students, alumni, and anyone with a special connection to the UCC campus ahead of Valentine’s Day. 


Award-winning photographer Artem Trofimenko photographed  couples who had a story to tell about their relationship and how it evolved on or off campus. 


The Analogue Love Stories series of portraits will be featured in a number of exhibitions around Cork City over the course of 2023. 

Sincerest thanks to photographer Artem Trofimenko, University College Cork Liaison Jane Haynes, as well as all our fabulous couples!

Nina & Vicky

“We’re engaged and moving to Belgium after graduation!”

If the Quad is claiming ‘main character energy’ in the tales of UCC alumni, then surely College Road plays a strong supporting role … Nina and Vicky’s love story certainly proves this!

The universe conspired to bring Nina, who is studying Law, and Vicky, who is studying Arts (English and Politics) together at a house party on the famed campus location – a “classic meeting spot”, as Nina says.

The two hit it off immediately and, after a successful first date at a flea market, romance blossomed. Between study sessions at the library during lockdown to spring picnics on the grass by the Boole, Nina and Vicky’s relationship went from strength to strength, and they moved in together soon after – going on to welcome their adorable pet hamster, Josie!

And there are many more exciting adventures ahead for the couple – now engaged, Nina and Vicky are happily planning their wedding and a move to Belgium after graduation!

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