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Upcoming Workshop:
Experiments with Plants in Sustainable Photographic processes with Artist Ashleigh Elli
-Cyanotype and Natural Dye Toning

20th February 
Tory Top Library, Ballyphehane

Book here: Eventbrite

Come explore the intriguing process of the original blueprint photography, called Cyanotype. We will experiment with this beautiful process using sunlight/UV, plants, natural materials, and negatives. Ashleigh will demonstrate how natural dye plants and locally foraged plants can be used to alter the colour of the blueprint to reveal an unlimited range of colour palettes. 

*Optiontion to bring any personal photographic negatives, ideally printed onto acetate.The workshop will have some provided. 


How do I book?

Please book your spot through the Eventbrite links below.

Book here!

How Much does it cost?

This workshop is free of charge supported by the Creative Ireland, Cork City Library service and Cork Film Centre.

Find out more about each of these processes and the people and projects involved.

Ashleigh is carrying out a short research residency with The Slow Camera Exchange as we explore how to integrate sustainable practices into creative Photographic processes.


Ashleighs expertise is as an artist and facilitator working with natural dyes. She has been working on projects growing plants for this purpose. She engaged in a workshop with The Sustainable Darkroom based from London and this workshop will allow participants to engage with some of the creative processes she has been experimenting with during this residency.


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