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The Expert part of the collection contains cameras that will alllow you to use your creativity and technical skills to their max.

Some of the cameras require a dark room or dark bag to use as they work with non standard film so it needs to be cut to size. There are two very special Sinar kits for both 4x5 and 8x10 images

The collection is aimed towards photographers with extansive analogue photography experience. To loan these cameras you will have to have completed a course that in analogue photography or demonstrate your self taught process to a high level of competency.

Induction sessions which must be completed before loaning the cameras.


These will be run periodically. Information will be posted to the site of the upcoming session. Also keep an eye on our socials. 


Camera List:

Video Tutorial 

Camera Code: A-SP_1

Camera Name: Compur
Film Type: cut film 6.5x9cm  
Lens Type: Zeiss Jena f4.5 120mm
Camera Code: A-SP_2

Camera Name: Contessa Nettel
Film Type: cut film 6.5x9cm 
Lens Type: Sonnar f4.5 135mm
Camera Code: A-SP_3

Camera Name: Dresden-A21 Gaunthler
Film Type: cut film 6.5x9cm  
Lens Type: Radionar f4.5 105mm
Camera Code: A-SP_4

Camera Name: Junior Special, Ruby Reflex
Film Type: cut film/medium format
Lens Type: 135mm f3.5
Camera Code: A-SP_5

Camera Name: Voigtlander
Film Type: cut film 6.5x9cm
Lens Type: 135mm f4.5
Camera Code: A-SP_6

Camera Name: Wooden Large Format
Film Type: large format
Lens Type: ROJA f9
Camera Code: A-SP_7

Camera Name: Zeiss Ikonta
Film Type: medium format
Lens Type: 75mm 3.5
Camera Code: A-SP_8

Camera Name: Sinar 4x5
Film Type: Large format
Lens Type: Symmar-s f5.6 150mm
Additional Equipment: Lomo Graflok Instant back for 4x5 photography

Camera Code: A-SP_9

Camera Name: Sinar 8x10
Film Type: Large format
Lens Type: Rodenstock Ysarex f4.8 460mm.
Symmar-s f5.6 300mm, Symmar f5.6 180mm, 
Symmar f5.6 240mm
Additional Equipment: Large kit w/t 4 lenses
Camera Code: A-SP_10

Camera Name: Voigtlander Compur
Film Type: cut film 6.5x9cm
Lens Type: Helliar 120mm f4.5
Camera Code: A-SP_11

Camera Name: Voigtlander Anastigmat
Film Type: cut film 6.5x9cm
Lens Type: 130mm f4.5
Camera Code: A-SP_12

Camera Name: Compur
Film Type: cut film 6.5x9cm 
Lens Type: Jena f3.5 135mm
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