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Over a lifetime in which he made a significant mark on Arts and Inclusion in Cork City, Hermann Marbe amassed an impressive camera collection. Hermann’s wife, socially engaged artist Jessica Carson Marbe has founded The Hermann Marbe Camera Collection in his memory with the aspiration of making the arts and creativity more accessible. Together with Cork Film Centre and Cork City Library Service, we will research the viability of establishing The Slow Camera Exchange via a pilot initiative at Hollyhill Library. 


This initiative will facilitate access to a selection of analogue, user-friendly cameras and kits from the collection for a sample cohort of older people and intergenerational groups. The project sees potential for a wide range of engagements depending on the interest of those involved eg. the full in-depth process of learning how to use cameras 35 mm or medium format cameras, developing film and printing B&W images in a dark room. Other proposed engagements include portraiture projects using unique large format cameras, through pinhole photography, play with sun-exposed cyanotypes, or the use of simple point and shot colour film photography with plastic pop cameras. A range of engagements will be explored and then piloted. 


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Our Mission



To make analogue photography more accessible

The Slow Camera Exchange was established in memory of artist Hermann Marbe and speaks to his aspiration of making the arts and creativity more accessible. It supports people from all walks of life to use analogue photography processes to slow down and see the world through a variety of different lenses.


To support intergenerational dialogue through creative arts practices

We want to tell all kinds of stories with all kinds of people. With funding from Creative Ireland's Creativity in Older Age Initiative, we want to work with people aged 55+ during the starting phase of our project to tap into new avenues of creativity and storytelling as well as provide a space for laughter and socialisation through art.  


To establish Ireland's first analogue camera loaning scheme with Cork City Libraries

Hermann Marbe collected over 70 cameras in his lifetime – we want to make them accessible for artists, community groups, members of the public. Through public consultation and workshopping during our pilot stage from August 2022 – February 2023, we will work to implement a camera lending system across Cork City.

We're part of the Creative Ireland programme
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