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KIT 4- PS .jpg

Camera Kits

The Camera Kits have been created those who are newer to analogue photography processes. The kits will facilitate broad engagement with photography through facilitated processes. 

Artists facilitators can borrow the kits from the library to work in community and education settings.

The Slow Camera Exchange and Cork City library will programme workshop using these kits according to available funds. 

Already we have facilitated workshops with 55+ group in Hollyhill and in Cork city libraries, worked with teenagers and  are developing a workshop for a residential centre. 


Please complete the form at this link if you woudl like ot have your name on a list for any workshops that come in the library

Camera Kits

Camera Kit Code: KIT 1- PHC

Camera Kit Name: Pinhole Camera Kit
KIT 2- SLR .jpg
Camera Kit Code: KIT 2- SLR

KIT 3- PHB.jpg
Camera Kit Code: KIT 3-PHB

Camera Kit Name: Pinhole Box Kit
KIT 4- PS .jpg
Camera Code: KIT 4-PS

Kit Name: Point and Shoot Medium Format Kit
KIT 5- LO-FI .jpg
Camera Kit Code: KIT 5-LO-FI

Camera Kit Name: LO-FI, Plastic, Toy Camera Kit
KIT 6- CT.jpg
Camera Kit Code: KIT 6-CT

Camera Kit Name: Cyanotype Kit
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