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Inducation Sessions

Completion of the induction session is necessary to access the Slow Camera Exchange collection of equipment. 


During the session, participants will be presented with the cameras available through the Artists Collection, 

The induction will 

-introduce the cameras of the camera collection.

-demonstrate the use of the cameras

-give you a chance to see how to open, load and shot with the cameras

-discuss the printing process exploring the options of sending negative off to be processed printed, scanning negatives to digital format or the dark room process. 

- give opportunity to ask questions. 


We will also give a brief overview of the Expert Collection and Art Facilitator Kits.


The next induction session will take place Saturday 9th of March. 10-3 pm at cork City Library, Grand Parade Cork

Please register for the Slow Camera Exchange induction below completing the registration below and the linked application and the workshop facilitator will get back to you to confirm your place.

Induction Registration Form
Have you completed the slow camera exchange club Application at this link You must fulfil the criteria of the slow camera exchange club to participate in the induction programme

If no, please complete the application forms


If you don’t have the required experience, we hope you can join a workshop in our workshop programme shortly. Please look out for updates here

Which session do you wish to register for?

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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