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The Artists Camera Collection holds an interesting mix of cameras both 35 mm and medium format including some twin reflex cameras. Ther is also an interesting Stereo camera and viewer. Some of the camera come with a variety of lenses for you to experiment with.


The collection is aimed towards photographers who are familiar with analogue photography. To loan these cameras you will have to have completed a course that included analogue photography or demonstrate your self taught process.

Induction sessions which must be completed before loaning the cameras.


These will be run periodically. Information will be posted to the site of the upcoming session. Also keep an eye on our socials. 


Camera List:

Camera Code: ART-1

Camera Name: Contax set
Film Type: 35mm  
Lens Type: 28mm Distagon f2.8 lens and sigma xq 135 mm lens f2.8
Additional Equipment: Extension tubes for macro photography and Bellows for macro photography

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-2

Camera Name: Zeiss Ikon
Film Type: 35mm  
Lens Type: Tessar 50 mm f2.8 

Video Tutorial 
ART -3.jpg
Camera Code: ART-3

Camera Name: Yashica MF-2
Film Type: 35mm  
Lens Type: Yashica 36mm f4

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-4

Camera Name: Mamiya C330
Film Type: medium format
Lens Type: Sekor 80mm f2.8, Mamiya Sekor Super 180mm f4.5

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-5

Camera Name: Moskva-5
Film Type: medium format
Lens Type: 105mm f3.5

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-6

Camera Name: Rocca
Film Type: medium format
Lens Type: Cassar 80mm f2.8

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-7

Camera Name: Sputnik
Film Type: medium format
Lens Type: stereo lenses

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-8

Camera Name: Stereo Viewers

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-9

Camera Name: Welta
Film Type: 35mm
Lens Type: Xenar f3.5 50mm

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-10

Camera Name: Zeiss Nettar
Film Type: 120mm

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-11
Camera Name: Voigtlander Bessa 66
Film Type: medium format
Lens Type: 75mm f3.5

Video Tutorial 
Camera Code: ART-12

Camera Name: MINOLTA KIT 35MM
Film Type: 35mm  
Lens Type: minolta x370s 35mm slr, rokkor 45mm lens and centon 70-210mm 
Additional Equipment: centon fh45 flash unit and infrared, red and green 55mm filters

Video Tutorial 
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